The tattoo tag

Hola everyone.

Tattoos… We all know what they are, how they are made and of course that they are getting more and more popular.

As you may be questioning yourself right now, yep, I also have tattoos. Two, to be exact. And I’m so in love with them and that special body art over all, so I thought why not dedicate a post to tattoos? Let’s start.


I think my love for tattoos started in highschool. I always knew them, as I had been confronted with the black thingys since I was born, as my mum has a rose tattoo on her chest.

And as I got older and older, I started to dream about my own tattoos. I began drawing signs and letters on my arms, wrists and fingers with a black sharpie. And I just loved it. Whenever the colour started to fade, I immediately drew over it.

In that time I started to tell my mum about my dream of having a tattoo and she reacted in the best way ever. She first told me to think about it and then told me she would make an appointment for me if I wanted. But I noticed that I wasn’t ready.


I went over two years with drawing on my skin, dreaming about tattoos and still not being ready. In those years I also told my mum that I wanted to have a tattoo with her, as our relationship was, is and hopefully will forever be really really special. And she loved the idea.

And guess what? Last year the moment had come. I got my two first tattoos. It happened when mum and me went to the Sziget Festival in Budapest. And before you think we got the tattoos ON the festival and start being grossed out, it wasn’t like that. My mum and me always said that the tattoos should be something really special, made in a special place, so they would have their own story too. So we decided to get the tattoos made when we are in Budapest. I looked for a good tattoo shop and got the best appointment ever in the best shop in Budapest and after we had spent a weekend full of fun, music and happiness, we went to get the tattoos made afterwards in the center of the city.

I can tell you, I was EXTREMELY nervous. I was scared that I would regret the decision, but until today it was one of the best decisions of my life. Our tattoo artist was totally nice and even spoke our language, so we talked about her job, Budapest and just life over all, while she fulfilled one of my biggest dreams – and it didn’t even hurt, not even on the wrist. I fell in love with the tattoos the moment she started making them and even more when they were finished.

After that, we drove home and I was so so so so damn happy, I just couldn’t stop smiling. Even now I can’t stop grinning when I look at them, I’m so happy to have them.


So, what are my tattoos?

I always wanted to have a wrist tattoo, so the mother daughter tattoo was perfect for that place. My mum and me decided to get a moon and a sun, she got the sun and I got the moon. It fits, because I basically live at night and my mum dreams about summer, 36 degress and lying in the sun the whole year. And besides that it also means that we may be different, yes, but be would never be able exist or live without the other one.

The second tattoo I got is the lettering “love life” on the inner side of my forearm. It really means a lot to me, as I’m a very optimistic person, who always tries to see the best in people and the world and I also think that it’s important to be happy about the life we have and just celebrate that we are here. So the tattoo was kind of a must have for me.


So yeah, that’s my tattoo story. I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have any questions about the tattoos or just want to talk to me about this topic or anything else, you know, I’m here and would be happy to hear from you all. Thanks for reading. x