Get to know me

Hola everyone.

As I have only posted a welcome post and some pics I took in my garden, I thought you’d maybe like to get to know me better, so here we goooooo:

  • I’m currently on the edge of crossing the 20-years-old-line
  • I’m from a small small town in the middle of nowhere, I like to call it Narnia
  • My native language is actually German, but I’m over the top in love with English, that’s why I try to keep as much English as I can in my life
  • I have two pets – a dog (chihuahua) and a cat
  • I actually have the feeling that my cat is my child (at least I like to tell that to everyone)
  • I consider myself as a geek/nerd (yep, school and college matters to me)
  • I’m currently in my first year of college studying journalism and communication science
  • If I could choose to live in any city of the world, I’d choose London (such a fascinating city)
  • You could call the local cinema my second home
  • I consider myself as a massive movie enthusiast
  • I probably spend wayyyy more time on YouTube than I should
  • I can’t live without music (yes, I know, everyone says that, but you’ll see in my later posts, I really mean it)
  • Yep, I’m a massive fangirl
  • I love traveling, especially with my mum and to cities
  • I’ve always been fascinated by photography (got a camera for christmas this year, hell yeah)
  • I’d always choose a horror movie over a romantic comedy thingy
  • Hogwarts is my dream school
  • I love fashion and going shopping (ofc), especially at the fabulous shop Forever 21
  • I’m a natural curl gurl
  • I’m highly addicted to going to concerts since 2013
  • I consider myself a loyal, friendly, optimistic person with a good sense of humour with a little sprinkle of sarcasm and weirdness here and there
  • I love the smell of books


… okay, I think that’s it. I hope I seem at least a little bit interesting. And again, if anyone of you wants to talk about sth with me or has any questions, I’m here. Thanks for reading. x


First of all, thanks for visiting my blog. You’re amazing.

You probably wanna know, what this blog is all about. Am I right? Actually, that’s a pretty good question. I began thinking about starting a personal blog about a year ago, mostly because this whole blogging-world fascinated me. And I simply wanted to be part of it.

So I started this blog, dedicated to my life as a young to-be-adult, looking for my place in the world and just celebrating life the way it is. I know, life’s not always as we all want it, but it wouldn’t be such an adventure without all the ups and downs.

Apart from that I always wanted to get my thoughts out to the world and share my hobbies and my love for things I enjoy (aka movies, music and photography).

So, if you’re interested in reading about a girl growing up and talking about her faves and mostly sharing her craziness and weirdness, then I think you just found the perfect place. Have fun.

Ps: If you wanna talk, I’m right here. Just say hi.